The Road We Travel

We all have our varying points of views.
Upon the onset of choosing our paths.
And eventually,
Those experiences we have...
Teaches us,
To become less judgemental of others.
With an acceptance and insight,
Of everyone's individual rights...
To live their own lives,
In ways we may not like upon sight.
With less attempts to implement our own values.
Although this is hard to do.
Especially when the direction of those views,
Have been critically enforced upon our 'different' visions.

As we age and self reflect upon the process of life,
That the road we travel...
From wherever the route that leads us to it,
Confusing and sometimes baffling...
Narrows with a broader sense of comprehension.
With a willing to listen and not predict.

And we become more understanding,
With an empathy easier given that's quick...
To those decisions people make for themselves.
Realizing mistakes made to recover from them,
Is a part of life that becomes more and more familiar.
To discover the similarites of this journey we have taken.
With a freeing of a feeling,
To be more exposed amongst those who know.
And caring less,
Who has yet to arrive.
Knowing one day they will.
Just as those who made it did.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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