The Rock In My World

Lay your world on me.I hope those words are true because if you show me your world I will show how I can love the man that makes my world go round.

Like a heart should! Let me say this with a open and clean mind. That I hope things will grow between us like a flower that grows each day with bigger pedals, and a bigger stem.

By that I mean the flower has grown from a seed to an adult flower that longs
to be looked and smelled, held.

Well that's what my dream is.

So if that's not clear and to the point I don't know what is.

so as you read this I hope smiles will consume you or tears of knowing that
my world is not far from finding you.

so with that! will you be my rock? Will you be my stem? Will you be my pillar?
Will you be my light that travels to my heart? Will you be my shoulder?

Will you be my friend in a way where love can soon blossom like a flower.
Just needing rays of sun to guide the way.

Will you be my future because I could never walk this world with out knowing
that you would be there as a friend or a lover.

So as I poor my thoughts of what I want my world to be is with my other half.

He walks stray as if he was a lost like a child.

With confusion of what she thinks.Know more must he feel lost for she has
given him is futurism of embracing of what could be.

So may they two bleeding hearts only bleed for expiation of the envisage of the two.

Now that I have exalted my thoughts of where my internal heart lay's.

It is you that will have to execute ownership of what is upon you in these day's, hours, minutes, months, and years.

For there is no other way to create everlasting love.

You we must walk with the evident in life's devine offering of love

by nadia badilla

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