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The Rocking Chair
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The Rocking Chair

Sitting in my rocking chair pretending that I don't care
Letting the day go by
Pretending you and me it was just meant to be
Not trying to understand why

It seems to me if it's true love indeed
From each others arms we could not pry
So I'm sitting in my rocking chair pretending that I don't care
And promising myself I won't cry

When grandpa was alive he would rock in this chair
And tell us young all about life
I so remember every story that he told
But he never told us of this hurting inside

If grandpa was alive I wonder what he would say
If he saw me rocking this way
Pretending that too I'm not missing you
Rocking away my day

Pretending that I don't have tears in these eyes
Pretending I don't miss you from my life
I promised myself I would not cry
But when rocking the memories stop by.

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