PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Rockstar

He came from far away,
A man native to Ireland,
To explore and see the world,
He visited nightclubs,
Full of sexy dancers,
Men and women,
Of flamboyance and colour,
Transgenders dressed,
In those rainbow hues,

He would put on,
The makeup and lipstick,
A man lost on stage,
Without his lipstick,
And those eyeliner looks,
All rockstars have,
And whether black or white,
He knows you can be grey,
Fair to the world,
Fair to those poor,
That survive - and even celebrate -
Their lives made of glitter,

He is a man who belongs,
To the stars and beyond,
No one will murder him,
Steal his money,
Bring him down,
For he is my rockstar,
And he is the legend,
That will never be repeated,

He came to save me,
A life of hell,
Although I now do it well,
I cannot thank him enough,
For guiding me through,
Although life will never be perfect,
And I will never have supermodel legs,
But I have passion and a beating heart,

I long for his touch,
As corny as that sounds,
Yet my feet never leave the ground,
For I sat next to him,
And knew he could be mine,
For his passion and sensuality,
Are truly like a vampire and divine,
I long for his vampire kiss,
For we love blood:
No love possible without it,
And we love ourselves together,
Our bodies in sync,
No one to tear us apart,
Although we are secretly,
In each other's heart,

I cannot leave him,
I cannot be a ghost,
His words told at my party,
For he is the host,
So much confidence gained,
So much fear lost:
In fact, all fear lost,
And never to cry again,

He is my hero,
And this is my love story.

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