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The Role Of The Farmer

The farmer's contributions are always there
for all of humankind to earnestly share
in all strangers who are in desperate need
and in all of those who sincerely care.

We see their efforts in plowing the fields,
planting seed for crops to unfold free
beneath the realms of the deep, azure sky,
in the flight of crows for everyone to see.

Crops with the farmer's efforts are rooted,
vegetation emerging that are yellow and green
springing forth in a steady stream,
creating the farmer's everlasting dream.

The sunshine and rain from the heaven above
are the necessities for the farmer's plan.
The needs given by Nature without payment,
and appreciated by all those on hand.

A bountiful harvest of unending food
offering to humankind all that is good.
The farmer is providing food for our needs,
and in this role, does all he could.

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