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The Rolling Hillsides Of My Tongue
VT ( / Bombay, India)

The Rolling Hillsides Of My Tongue

Poem By Val Tkk

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This contains more than a germ of a poem, Valsa. I find myself wondering if there is a sadness concealed it it. Hence this possible alternation (forgive the temerity): The Rolling Hillsides of my Tongue Is that a tear running down my cheek? Valleys and ridges are the immovable sky above the rolling hillsides of my tongue. Don't you know? I never cry. In them lies a song unsung about the sparks that flood my being down to the tail of my spine. Is that a tear running down my cheek? The thought of your mouth making sweet love to mine still makes me sigh. Is that a tear running down my cheek? Don't you know? I never cry.
I celebrate your talent! Inspiring!
The sign of real genius is originality. As such, this reminds me of a tapestry setting which I drew in fifteen minutes, but took me a year to complete, with its diversified patterns of tapestry interwoven which reflected my peaceful abode. Actually, when I ascribe 'THE KISS, ' at the time there was very little about this wondrous topic. And still today, there is little which ascribes such a wonder with uniqueness of design. I'd say you definitely qualify for an award with this masterful masterpiece; for originality if nothing else. Bravo~, a most enjoyable read! ~Milly M. Hunter (The KISS :) http: //www.your-poetry.com/modules.php? name=News&file=article&sid=120788 (@ Your Poetry Dot Com)
THE PASSION WITHIN, VALSA...AWESOME IMAGERY...DETAILS ON HIGH PITCHED SENSE...DON'T GO MELTIN THE SITE DOWN, NOW, VALSA! FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP...PEN AWAY, YOUNG LADY V.! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
A picturesque and sensual piece about the beauty, effect and vastness of a kiss, placed into suitable metaphors, and punctuated by a jilted end. A clever, wonderful read. - K.
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