A Beautiful Scene

J-ust another morn breaks,
E-arly sunrise has begun;
A-scending from the east,
N-ew light brings much fun.
N-ight cold chill is over as the twilight fades from sight;
E-vening shadow passes by to let the flame burn so bright.

M-arch twenty-fourth turns fine
A-fter the storm goes away;
R-ain stops from falling;
C-lear clouds prove your
H-appy birthday.

M-ist has just disappeared,
A-ir haze is nowhere to find;
C-harming views seen in you
A-re truly easing my mind.
Y-ews in the vast meadow
A-im to stay evergreen;
N-ice image of the rainbow brings colors to a beautiful scene.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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