*the Romeo To This Juliet

The moon shining bright
In the darkness of night
The stars shining bright as can be
Down the road on some nights
I travel by moonlight
For my soulmate is waiting for me

Out the window I climb
In the late hours of time
I can't wait to see his angelic face
Silent as a mime
I walk down that road of mine
So that I can be held in his loving embrace

He holds me near
And he holds me dear
Near and dear to his perfect heart
I silently shed a tear
When it's time to say goodbye to my dear
Oh how I hate it when we have to part

So I kiss my dear goodnight
And disappear back into the moonlight
Up the road, through the window and back into bed
And as I lie awake tonight
I can't wait until the next night
When I see the Romeo to this Juliet

by Shelby Renee

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wow! truly poetic indeed, you have a lot of poetic insight and depth in your calm words, a beautiful piece that you should not hold back from telling anyone, i really enjoyed this piece take care