MA (03/23/88 / Oaxaca..)

The Rooftop

On this stary night.
My eyes beheld a beautiful sky.
As this rooftop welcomes an old freind.
I sit aand hear the city cry to me in a gracious melody.
I gaze upon the bright lights that whisper of passion and remiinds me of thee.
Of such gracious eyes filled with beauty.
Tonights not for dreaming.
As I ponder about mixed feelings
I wish I could fall to my knees.
You have to understand im only a man.
And its not easy you have to belive me.
I can hear the whisper of busy city.
The city of hopes and dreams were I thought I could once live.
Ohh how i long to walk the streets of happiness and love.
But there is that wall that blocks me from this all.
I can only admire and watch from afar.

The night has settled but there is that breeze
Ever so gently it embraces me.
The only company i have to witness this manifestation i sorrow.
If only there could be a way for you to notice me.
Everything wouldnt be so unclear.
And the city would cry no more.
I sit and wonder how I am still out there looking for you.
Im out here searching for answers that can unlock the very depths of your soul.
The hell with pride.
I just want to sit here and cry.
You have to understand im only a man.
With fears and hopes.
Maybe one of these I wont sit here all alone.
But rather with you.
As i get up to leave.
I take another good look at the city of hopes and dreams.
Maybe I too can one day reside.
In that city I admire from afar.
Until then i turn around again.
I walk away from such a night
I turn my back to the city that cries for me.
I know this rooftop will be expecting me again..

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