The Room

A single tear rolled down his cheek
She brushed the hair from his fore head in his eyes
He searched for words as to speak
She said, Honey, It's alright

But sweetheart, I want you to know
Never in life have I loved someone so
And if I can, I'll forever love you
Sweetheart, I don't want to go

She fought hard to try not to cry
But the tears forced themselves in her eyes
She held his hand then kissed his cheek
Then it was her turn to speak

She said, Honey, I do love you too
If I could, I'd trade places with you
If I had the chance to do it again
I'd walk down this same road with you

They held each other in each others arms
She could feel the last beat of his heart
The silence then fell within the room
As she allowed her tears to start

Then she whispered in his ear
Believing somehow he could still hear
Honey, Someday my time will come too
Until then, I will love you from here

by Bill Simmons

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Very beautiful and moving poem. Sincerely Donna