The Root Of The Heart

The root of the heart
Is not easy to reach
But some crepid, darkening
Slowly are breached

Still in time
Thy winding morrow
Of brisseled air
And thy crepid sorrow

The enduring light
Is growing ever dim
But still there is hope
For thy heart
To shine
Once again

by Brian Tinsley

Comments (3)

I disagree with Mr. Jefferson Carter. 'Thy' s are wonderful in poems and poetry. Nothing wrong with those at all. Actually, that is one of the reasons I love this poem more than the other 3. You are talking about the 'heart'...thy seems very appropriate. I really enjoyed it. I make up words as well, even though they don't seem made up...they are real in your thoughts and feelings...they still express a thought or emotion...Kudos ;) I would like to see some poetry from you that is a little longer so I have more to
Brian this one is lovely. Though I have to agree with Jefferson's comment one hundred percent. Keep up the good work.
Extremely good poem in my opinion for a someone so young! ! You really do have talent. I still don't know why you removed your 'blind...(something) ' poem. I found it interesting as well. Take care, Sincerely, Mary