The Rosary

Vividly I remember
When he gave the rosary to me
The night was late in a bleak December
His tears profusely, freely flowing.
"My dear" he whispered, "wear this with grace,
Against the onrushing enemies,
Remember, recite the fifteen mysteries,
God will listen to your entreaties."
We parted with heavy hearts but hopefully,
Though the enemies were relentless
And sweeping defenders - entirely helpless,
He would be back after serving our country.
Destruction, confusion, chaos, everywhere.
Soldiers are going mad and crazy,
Day in and day out, life is a nightmare
Yankee's aid remote and hopeless.
Eve of Xmas, I was holding his gift
Silent night, while in deep reverie
Counting the beads and praying to God,
To give the soldiers and my heart a lift.
Suddenly the song from the distance came louder
And more melodious by the marching of feet.
I kissed my rosary and thanked the Lord
For listening to my entreaties.

by Kaye B. Aquilizan

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