Her beauty was fading
the moon that night
but she did'nt look
towards me.
i holded her chin upto my eyes;
She stared me with
narrowed-lids and
squeezed her lips with
anger which was so cute.
Even in the worst expression
she could give, she
seems to be the most
cute-girl i ever seen.
She punched on to my chest
twice or thrice like as
small kids use to
I somehow stopped her,
holded her hands and
asked her the reason
Why was she angry?
Since, i was unable to
understand her for
the very first time.

All my fault,
It was my negligence
that i lost my nails
last night which i
nurtured for so long!
She shouted!
Ah! cute girl....
a sigh of relief passed
out of my heart.

I gently wiped-out
her tears and kissed
her forehead
I'm still there for you
My beautiful princess.
No worry!
No need to shed your
tears until i exist in you
and you exist in me.
(Saying this i consoled her)
Her eyes' seemed
more bright and her
lips were widened now.
Then, Amazingly!
She hugged me in
a way that made me
feel jolly-good.
And she murmured
in my ears
while joining her
hands behind my neck
"I love you soooooo
much my darlingest"
I tighten my arms
cuddling her waist
and held a long kiss
onto her cheeks...
Then, suddenly...
I fell down from somewhere!
And i realised
it was my bed!
What happened?
My Mom shouted!
A groaning-sound

by jovial ayush

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A great poem. You put it in the words I have not seen before.