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The Rose
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The Rose

Poem By missy harris

Unravel me like a rose
pick me apart one by one
and utter your meaningless phrases
Tell me what I want to hear
Whisper it in my ear
So it is barely audible
And makes my spine quake

Run your fingers down my body
Grasp at my loose ends and promise to tie them up
With fingertips as soft as comfort
And words utilized to throw into disarray
Promise me you’ll be gentle
Make me crave your solution

Your eyes should devour my soul
They should capture me and hold me in my place
Your Fingernails will graze my skin
Your hands will constantly be searching for a place to rest
Find their resting spot
And with great agility plunge into my core

Find my question
With a disparity in my voice I will ask you to answer it
Fill me with your knowledge and tell me my purpose
make sense of my life
give me a reason to live
just answer me before you pluck my essence away

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Comments (2)

sweeeeeeeeet Missy. As a matter of fact i enjoyed your poem becuase it seemed you were talking to me. it is similar to my poem 'Whispering Silently' but your work is rich in English.
This can take the reader to places they had not none about.Really opens the mind.Love Duncan