Hey Human Being!

Developed technology...
Undaunted science...
Easier life...
All this are the positive signs.

But a lot of cries lie behind.
Lost of firtility of land...
Disproportionate environment...
Destructive face of nature...
deadly weapons to murder...
Life has lost all values.

What if we look behind?
May be a complex life,
But there was happiness,
Satisfaction of soul.
But smily faces allwhere.

Now the time to ask the question,
Not to others but to us.
What do we want?
A green world or this gray life?
Satisfaction of soul,
or this fake joys of life?
Hey man, ask yourself,
What would you like to posses,
For your child, nextgeneration?
A world with beauty,
Filled with fresh breathes,
Or a world with fear,
Filled with a false smiles?

Hey human being don't be cursed!
Be an angle of green earth.
Set your mind,
Set your duties.
It is the time to meet our cherishes.
To drive our instinct in creativity...

by kafil uddin raihan.

Comments (37)

It's not an uncrackable nut that is thrown before us by Frost. The beauty which we see in those we love will remain as such for ever surviving temptations by any other known beauty for Love is eternal and beauty is ephemeral
Wow rosy rose.........................10
what is the point of view and theme of this poem
We loved this poem mind blowing
The rose is a rose, And was always a rose Nice Poem...10+++++
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