The Glimpse Of Heaven

Has anybody had the glimpse of heaven?
The Spring in God’s orchid, fruits and flowers laden?
A girl in my life made this happen.
Arduous it is to ascertain, what cradled the spark,
Everything about her would melt my heart.
Never was I so weak and craven,
Nevertheless, I have had the glimpses of heaven.

Her smile freshens my soul and my brain,
Like the fragrance of sun-scorched earth being kissed by rain.
The light of her smile causes the day to brighten,
It even helps the God to enlighten.
That’s why I say, I had the glimpse of heaven.

The sound of her laugh causes the heart to trigger,
Like the lilting melody of the quietly flowing river.
Knocking the barriers and injecting life into the frozen,
It arouses and stimulates the ears to the music of Beethoven.
Why won’t I claim to have had, the glimpse of heaven.

The glitter of her lovely eyes is the most sparkling,
Those eyes remind me of Jasmine, from Disney’s Aladdin!
I am drowned and lost in the eyes of that maven,
Don’t pull me out, they are the signs of a beautiful omen.
That’s what makes me proud, I had the glimpse of heaven.

I don’t want anything, I don’t ask for more,
For what can be there, which can make love galore.
Mandeep is not afraid to die, make me graven,
As I already have had the glimpse of heaven.

by Mandeep Singh 13

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The plum. What a metaphor
I cant understand this
love your poem i write poems too but your's is better than mine.
why did he wright this?
Very nicely written poem by Robert Frost
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