The Rose Of Cobden

In her prime years her hair was chestnut brown
The beautiful lady of old Cobden Town
But she is aging in quite a graceful way
Her shoulder length hair it is wavy and gray

Five times a grandmother showing the years of time
Three years ago her husband of forty years left her for one in her physical prime
But she does not feel bitter towards him in any way
I do wish him happiness is all of him she does say

That time ages everyone happens to be so
The Rose of Cobden some four decades ago
Without hair dyes or makeup she has aged rather well
That in her prime she was a rare beauty is not hard to tell

A milestone in her life on the fourth day of May
She will be celebrating her seventieth birthday
Her ex husband who is not the most faithful of men
Married her when she was the Rose of Cobden.

by Francis Duggan

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