The Rose Of Derrinagree

Memories come to me often from the long lost years ago
When I was close to my prime day of one I visually did know
Blue eyed, blond haired she looked lovely wonder now where might she be
And in her fifties is she happy the once Rose of Derrinagree?

Did she marry and have children, near the Village did she stay
Or did she move to a big city from Duhallow far away
And does she pine as sometimes I do for the beauty she has seen
And is the quiet Blackwater valley in her memory evergreen?

Does she hold some of her beauty or through those blond locks is there gray
Women age and pride take over does she hide signs of decay?
I still have a mental picture and the memory remain
Of young blue eyed, blond haired woman laughing in the wind and rain.

In or near the little Village there's a bright and fresher face
When the rose fade in the garden there is one to take her place,
Time take toll on all things living and time doesn't give much sympathy
And time will fade the present beauty and give new Rose to Derrinagree.

In the quiet Blackwater valley dunnock's voice I still can hear
And the memory come to me from the long lost yester year
When I first saw blond young woman I asked old man who is she?
And his answer I remember she's the rose of Derrinagree.

by Francis Duggan

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