The Rose Of Koroit Where Might She Be Today

The Rose of Koroit where might she be today
Some say she's in Sydney or in Byron Bay
Or in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland bronzed from the tropical sun
When you are only twenty two life can be so much fun
The Rose of Koroit of blue eyes and hair of brown
When she lived in Koroit she was the finest in the Town
But the lust of the wander was in her for places elsewhere
Far beyond Koroit in the big World out there
She has left a young man in Koroit with love ache in his heart
He knows of her life that he cannot be a part
He used to daydream that she would be his wife
And he is left to grieve for the lost love of his life
It is said she is in Sydney or in Byron Bay
And some say she has been seen in sunny Mackay.

by Francis Duggan

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