The Rose Of Koroit

She possess all of the assets that will lead her to renown
The dark haired brown eyed beauty the Rose of Koroit Town
Not into self importance and free of self conceit
She says hello to everyone as she walks on the street
Known as the Rose of Koroit she is worthy of the name
But she is destined for greater things for a far greater fame
Always happy and smiling one who is never rude
As well as unrivaled beauty she has a great attitude
The wanderlust is in her the world is to be seen
For one so young and beautiful who has just turned eighteen
Like the migratory swallow in Koroit she will not stay
For the yearn it is in her for places far away
From Koroit in Victoria fourteen kilometers from Warrnambool
Where she first saw the lamp of day and was raised and went to school.

by Francis Duggan

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