The Rose Of Macroom

I knew of her when she was in her life's full bloom
In her early twenties the Rose of Macroom
With brown eyes and wavy shoulder length hair of brown
A woman of quite rare beauty of the old mid Cork Town

In the early sixties long before i reached my life's prime
And this is going back many Seasons in time
In the weekend in the Castle Ballroom she danced her cares if she had any away
I wonder if she is still living today?

And fell in love and in Macroom did stay
As an aging grandmother who in hair dye cloaks her gray
Or from the Town in Muskerry is she one more
Who will live out her days on a distant shore

A down to earth young woman untainted by guile
With the warmth of kindness in her beautiful smile
She was one who did have the bright inner glow
In the old mid Cork Town where Sullane waters flow

Though often in fancy i visit the what was again
Of the past only memories with us do remain
And in the Castle Ballroom in her life's bloom
She smiles as she dances the Rose of Macroom.

by Francis Duggan

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