The Rose Of Millstreet Town

I recall her with eyes of blue and shoulder length hair of brown
A young woman of great beauty the Rose of Millstreet Town
I wonder from Duhallow does she still live far away
She went off when I was a boy to the U S of A?

When I was a Primary school going boy going back fifty years in time
The lovely Rose of Millstreet Town was in her glorious prime
Only in her early twenties of average height and build I recall
Of Millstreet Town and for miles around the fairest one of all.

Such a lovely and friendly person with warmth in her smile
A beautiful Duhallow girl she did seem free of guile
But the wanderlust was in her young heart the far off hills
looked green
She left and in old Millstreet Town she never more was seen.

In Millstreet in Duhallow she did not wish to stay
And is she ageing gracefully or does she dye her hair of gray?
And though the very finest must bow to father time
She remains young in my memory as she was in her prime.

Walking on the streets of Millstreet she was not seen again
But the memories of her beauty and her charm with me remain
And in my flights of fancy I still see her walking down
The Main street towards the West End the Rose of Millstreet Town.

by Francis Duggan

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