The Rose Of Moorabbin

In the sixties she was the Rose of Moorabbin and her the young men wished to know
But since then the rose she has faded for that was a long time ago
Her once blond wavy hair she dyes often for to cover the tell tale gray
And she has a more rounded figure women age and their beauty decay
She was crowned the fair Rose of Moorabbin way back in nineteen sixty three
In the coastal Town the number 1 beauty and none quite as lovely as she
As women age they lose their beauty such is life one has to suppose
And the rose who bloomed back in the sixties is nowadays the forgotten rose
Time catches up on everybody and our biological clock it ticks on
And our lost prime it is gone forever we cannot bring back what has gone
The males in their sixties in Moorabbin they still talk about her today
The one that they used to wolf whistle was quite a beauty they do say
But time has left her looking older and time for none does seem to wait
And today in the Town of Moorabbin a new rose they do celebrate.

by Francis Duggan

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