The Rose Of Newmarket

Saw her once in the Duhallow Town of Newmarket and the memory with me remain
Of her dark wavy hair to her shoulders tossing in the wind and rain
I was just a teenage lad then she would have been near her life's prime
In May in the early sixties this is going way back in time

I do recall asking an old bloke who the lovely one might be
He said she is the Rose of Newmarket as beautiful as one could wish to see
To marry raise children and grow old in Duhallow will not be in her life's destiny
Very soon she will be leaving Newmarket's loss is how this will be

What was a loss to Newmarket was surely a bigger town's gain
On me she left a great impression though her i never see again
A young woman of striking beauty yet she did seem free of conceit
With warmth in her friendly greeting as she passed me by on the street

The weather mild though drizzling and windy on that Sunday evening in early May
Such memories with us that do linger and through the years with us do stay
I wonder did she find love elsewhere and marry and in life settle down
And raise children or remain single and childless in her life in a far bigger town

I only did see her once briefly and that was a long time ago
And she was one who did look lovely though time since would have become her foe
Her dark wavy hair to her shoulders was tossing in the wind and rain
On me she left a lifetime impression though her i never did see again.

by Francis Duggan

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