The Rose Of Penshurst

Her hair reaches to her shoulders her hair wavy and brown
And she looks very beautiful the Rose of Penshurst Town
She blooms forth in the sunshine like a rose after rain
And what's a loss to Penshurst is surely Geelong's gain
A young man back in Penshurst thinks of her night and day
Though he was not her lover thoughts of her with him stay
She never even thinks of him in his case love is one way
But for loving the Rose of Penshurst who could blame him anyway
For football and footy training he has lost his appetite
And he sits and thinks about her in the Penshurst pub tonight
His pub mates talk of footy as he quietly drinks his beer
Though talk about the weekend game he does not wish to hear
And he sits there in sad silence as his mates sing the club song
Thinking of the Rose of Penshurst who is living in Geelong.

by Francis Duggan

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