The Rose Of Semaphore

Her shoulder length wavy hair as dark as the wing of a crow
And her eyes as dark blue as the ripe Autumn sloe
Near the prime of her life a year with a score
The beautiful smiling Rose of Semaphore

She smiles at everyone that she meets on her way
As she jogs on the beach at the twilight of day
Without any sign of fatigue on her beautiful face
Like a gazelle she moves at a leisurely pace

A beautiful young woman free of conceit
Her sort of person is always nice to meet
Of her splendid beauty she does not seem aware
One with her sort of humility nowadays seem rare

The Rose of her beautiful South Australian Town
She jogs on the beach as the sun is going down
Like the graceful gazelle she is light on her feet
She strides out without effort like a natural athlete.

by Francis Duggan

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