The Rose Of The Town

One can say she is a head turner they call her the Rose of the Town
With eyes as dark blue as the ripe sloe and her wavy shoulder length hair of brown
She sure is a beautiful looker but her beauty has gone to her head
To be the main focus of attention is not good for the ego 'tis said
One of quite rare physical beauty the type who stands out in a crowd
So full of herself as some would say she does seem so haughty and proud
She never smiles or says hello to those that she meet on the street
So very attractive to look at but she seems so full of conceit
For her 'twould be too big of an effort for to smile and to say hello
She even does seem a bit stand offish with people she does even know
But suppose for a pretty woman 'tis hard when every young man you meet looks your way
When you know you have so many suitors down to earth is not easy to stay
She is very pretty to look at and for her beauty she has won local renown
And she is never short of admirers the one known as the Rose of the Town.

by Francis Duggan

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