The Rose Of Tyrendarra

She is The Rose of Tyrendarra in her life's bloom and prime
Her sort always the subject of song, story and rhyme
Light brown hair to her shoulders and eyes blue as ripened sloes
A beautiful young woman and blooming like a rose
That in the prime of Summer in the warm sunlight
In the flowering garden makes for a splendid sight
The fairest of the roses on her green sunlit mother tree
Just like The Rose ofTyrendarra the pride of her locality
That she is Tyrendarra's finest few would disagree
The man she is in love with none luckier than he
Wedding bells will ring for them in not too distant day
That some men do have all the luck only true to say
This is how it always has been and it will always be this way
It is rumored they are to be married in May.

by Francis Duggan

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