DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

The Roses, Buttercups And Cocaine

I walk with roses
Buttercups and cocaine,
Down streets with no names
But my heart and soul ask a lot,
Can we live with no pain?
No hiccups or pouring rain,

I laugh, I laugh aloud
This poor boy, he don’t know
He can’t make no sound
Around the beats of woe
He bounds, he bounds
Because there’s nothing for him to believe
Belief in what is eyes see
Or what his hand has found

So the roses
Buttercups and cocaine,
Become a release, a release
From the downturn, of his disease appeased
By the road he’s found, leads him
From this old town, his first round
Leaving behind his cold frown
Tonight, Tonight
This boy leaves town
Tonight, tonight
This boy has gone now

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