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The Round Table (Poem In The Style Of Walt Whitman)
CDI (10/12/1989 / )

The Round Table (Poem In The Style Of Walt Whitman)

Greetings President of the United States
Greetings congressman
Greetings my fair lady
Greetings soldier
Greetings the man with no home
Greetings neighbor who works at the mill
Greetings lawyer
Greetings house wife
Greetings small child

Come in! Come in!
Welcome to my house president, congressman, my fair lady, soldier, the man with no home, neighbor who works at the mill, lawyer, house wife, and small child.
May I ask to you all, how was your day?
Are you sore or tired from running America all day?
Did you benefit society at all when you did your daily routines?
Of course, of course
I know you all had a decent day, you all ran America just fine, and yes, I know, you benefited society doing your daily routines.

Good news everyone, it’s time to eat.
Come in the dining room, it’s time to feast.
Sit down, sit down, and grab a chair, any chair it doesn’t matter.
Yes, I know the table is round.
This is my house, a house where everyone is equal, no matter who or what they do.
There is no head at the table of America.

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