My Baby Brother

On a special delayed morning
When I was still snoring
My mom was taken to the hospital
For she was a very pregnant lady

She returned home with a gift
A gift I still cherish
For she brought home for me, a brother
A cute and cuddly li’l baby you

Your baby steps trodden my mind
And each time you trip,
I made sure to catch you
Your blinking eyes were baby blue
Scribbled with many forget-me-nots

Your hugs were tempting
It comforted me
Your soft kisses
Were heavenly sent!

I stayed by you
In the days you grew
I gazed to see
What a man you’ll be

I walked like a shadow
Tracing your each step
I wanted to guide you
Through your wrongs and mistakes

I’ll miss this angel
In years to come
For you’ll be busy
With work to do

I write this poem here, right now
‘Coz this is my only way
To show how much I love you
To prove that I care!


by sania harris

Comments (13)

Awesome, we should all live by it.
I first read this in my teens. It became my life’s philosophy
I love this poem. My mum owned this book, and I read it so often I memorised the verses.
I grew up with a copy of this in my home. My father could recite it verbatim. One of the best explications of the mysteries of existence ever written, and one of the most glorious poems ever written. I recommend a read-through to all. Some of the Farsi and Islamic references are a bit obscure but can be understood with an Internet search. Well-worth the effort!
Lines full of angst and the search for the meaning of life. One of the most beautiful poems in the world.
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