The Ruby Dream

every morning boasts more blue sky
i’m overwhelmed by you
i cannot write
squeeze nothing but just some idiot happy lines
the way you throw your arms around my neck
and smile
the way you slip your dress down to the floor
and i
forget to breathe for quite a long while

week by week I’m sucking on a straw
we’re living somewhere
outside the world
with perfect moments and a perfect play
the way you look at me when
i look away
the way I lay my leg on you before
i wake
makes me wish it always stays the same

spring is meowing like a playful cat
or maybe only
we can notice that
tuned to the wave of ruby dream
the way you close your eyes when
you are kissing me
the way you sometimes cry when
you believe i sleep
makes me think i’ll never ever let you leave

by Max Kuvaev

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