The Rule Of The Room

Poem By Lone Ghost

The rule of the room
rules everyone in the world...

every one who doesn't
Know his true identity.

The rule can make
your experience inside
pleasant or unpleasant,

but not everyone is subjected
to its dual regimen,

if you do are, '

you enter the room, you look around,
you check yourself, you fix yourself,

according to the audience in there.

The rule of the room dictates:
If you stand out higher than others

the walls and floor of the room are like a cushion to you,

You can let your personality display around freely without your mind
analyzing every little thing you do

and dare to try new maneuvers
and explore so many new possibilities, you even seem reckless,

Cuz even if you go mad, or fall down,
your fortune, vanity, affluence or any other acquisition,

act as a cushion to support you.

But, when you are not in an excelling position,

the rule dictates:

the walls and floor of the room act as if they had nails pointing outwards

or (sometimes) laser beams interconnecting all across,

threatening your identity
limiting yourself.

You move the least possible
to avoid any mistake,

you become almost like furniture
to prevent that your identity
is shattered or destroyed;

An 'inanimate' being scared
by the menacing lasers and nails
of prejudice and involuntary mental chatter, installed on the 'walls',

by the deceptive tools
of his own self-ran,
preconceiving mind.

As long as the rule is in force,
it is impossible to conserve your essence and integrity,

Most of the times it quickly slips off your hands,
when you get into the room
and are placed in a relatively
lower position,

To become immune
to the traps and dictations of the room,
when your identity is inferior,

and rise above the dual faculties
and bipolar atmosphere,
the rule enforces,

an identity that can be bent,
trespassed or even burnt
and then from the ashes regenerate,
and thus about comfort and safety,
it doesn't care,

It's indispensable.

To find an identity with this traits,

an identity that can stand always higher than all

for its uniqueness has no space for competition at all

and its stature can't be measured in relationship to any other one in the room,

an Identity that its value and form is not defined
nor limited by the vibe
nor opinions of others
nor even of your own mind,

Is necessary to look for it
elsewhere outside,

beyond external disguises that dress up the personality and gradually mold it in an 'irrevocable' shape,

and are faded to inevitably
abide by the rule of the room.

Anyone could own a fancy car
anyone can work to be a champion
anyone could read a hundred books

about anyone can be worse or better than you

but only you
can be you

without ever stopping
to be the one,

without ever feeling the invasive effects of uncertainty,
prior to accessing the room,

The haunting doubt of whether
The comfort or discomfort of the room will determine your behavior

whether you will be below or above
once inside,

But, who are you?

your talents?
your belongings?
Your body?
Your mind?

It's better to figure out
What you are not,

What remains, is the answer.

When you can walk into the room without being influenced by anyone in there,

without wondering whether you will be liked or disliked,

you know you have broken the rule.

You have found who you really are,

your identity and confidence
no longer comes from stuff
you can accumulate,
or temporary take
from the physical plane,
It comes from the inside,

from the eternal, infinite, unchanging, absolute dimension of life.

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