MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Runaway Man

Hey Dad, where are u
Are u out there somewhere
Did u forget u have children
Or do u remember but just don't care

Are u working now
Do u have a job
Are u a rich business man
Or just a lazy slob

Did u find a new love
After u lost your wife
Are u angry becoz I accepted my stepfather
Into my lonely life

Is that why u decided to leave
Is that why u had to dissapear
Did u divorce me or my mother
Tell me Dad, what did u fear

Did u fear I no longer needed u
Did u feel you were replaced
Did all the hours in Juniper Park
Just go to waste

U were a good father
Though u couldn't read or write
And I could remember your screams
When u argued with mom all night

Did u know your son was crying
Was he crying becoz of the pain in his gut
Or was it becoz mama wanted u to leave
But all u wanted was to smoke a butt

How did u get money for food
How did u get money to pay for your Kents
When u came home early from work
Why did mother suddenly worry about the rent

What where those funny looking bills
That u and mom called stamps
And why was it that when u spent them
The cashier looked at us as if we were tramps

Why did u know so much about cars
But could only fill them with gas
And when I made my first communion
Why did u steal my communion cash

Why did u have to make up our bed time stories
Instead of read them out of a book
I never heard stories of the Three Little Pigs
Cinderella, Peter Pan or Captain Hook

U took us too McDonalds
When we took a ride over the Rockaway Bridge
But how did u manage to pay
For the food in our fridge

U made me wake you up
Before I left for school each day
But when I returned home at 3pm
U where still lying in bed the same way

Why did Mom have to go to school
To pay for our tuition bills
And when she left for her first job
Your spine got a cold chill

U knew that she would meet a new world
And your world would come crashing down
Well maybe your world did fall to pieces
But my world is still around

My world is a Universe
That I created with my own two hands
You could've been a part of my Universe
But instead u are a coward and you are The Runaway Man

Sometimes I wish I could run BigDaddy
But my Universe is everything to me
I have three shinning stars
And they are all that mattter to me

So u keep running BigDaddy
Becoz we reap what we sew
And the love I once felt for u
Died many years ago

So if u are out there Daddy
I hope u have a clear head
But don't expect me to pay my respects
When u can no longer run becoz u dropped dead

Maybe if u make it to Heaven
U might be able to understand
But when I never visit your grave
Its becoz I'm just like u Dad I am the......

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