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The Runawaytrain Of History No.1

On the verge dancing on razor blades
unable unwilling to change
standing on the brink
needing to take a step back
history is a runaway train
unstoppable lemmings enmass
tossing themselves over a cliff
a panicked hysterical crowd
heading for the only exit
as the room explodes in flames
like trying to outrun an avalanche-

here we are thirty forty years later
like watching re-runs on tv
now it’s famine epidemics & war
the ten plagues of Egypt
the four horses of the Apocalypse
the Holy Land bathed in blood again
the amassed military might
of one nation against another
the Crescent the Cross & the Star of David
fighting for God’s special people
which is it to be this time
is he who prevails the Chosen People
the Chosen King to usher in
the New Messiah King of Kings
for a thousand years of paradise
or the Chosen taken in a twinkling of an eye-

for six thousand years there is no end in sight
as nations & empires clash in Mesopotamia
in the Mediterranean & North Africa
from the Nile Valley to the Gates Of Hercules
to the Atlantic to the Red Sea & the Dead Sea
to the Sea of Reeds & the Persian Gulf
along the Gold Coast & the Ivory Coast
to Anatolia & Brittany to the Balkans
& the Steppes of Ancient Russia
to the Tigris & Euphrates to the River of Jordan
Babylonians Sumerians & Canaanites
Philistines Israelites & Assyrians
Persians Phoenicians & Egyptians
Romans & Greeks all struggling
waging war after war
tearing cities apart brick by brick
slaughtering all the inhabitants
men women & children
even the goats oxen & sheep
enslaving thousands
throwing thousands into the pit
to appease Baal Moloch Marduk
& a thousand other Ancient Gods
who patiently wait for the moment of their return
we are just one minute one brutal act
away from our barbaric origins
we fool ourselves building a false world
having the veneer of civilized behaviour-

in the end we are a disappointment to God
an experiment gone awry
are we like a rerun on God’s Cosmic Screen
are we just leaden winged Angels
trying to win God’s favour
we are all fallible
unable to decipher God’s desires
unable to decipher God’s plan for us
lost in our own doubt & confusion-

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Maya Angelou

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