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To Be Or Not To Be
(31 May 1819 - 26 March 1892 / New York / United States)

To Be Or Not To Be

When your eyes are gone
will you still be able to see
when your ears are closed
can you hear a falling tree

When your skin rots off
will you still be able to feel
if remove brain from head
will world cease to be real

If a drop of water
were to fall into the ocean
would it continue to exist
or become one filled with devotion

Think will see your family
or virgins laying on a bed
when are dead in the end
will just be light there instead

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Comments (3)

When I said it was weird that he was gay when he wrote this poem I didn't mean that he shouldn't have because he was gay but that it weirded ME out thinking that a gay man wrote it.
I don't think it was weird at all that he was gay and wrote this poem. I mean.... look at it. I agree, it really does paint a picture, but it also doesn't mention if the runner is of any certain race, or in any certain location or terrain besides a road.
This poem really shows Whitman's ability to paint pictures with his poems. He is so detailed and specific and is able to use that in a beautiful way, not just stating the facts of what he sees. Although it was kind of weird thinking that he was gay when he wrote this poem.