The Russet Hours Return

Poem By Mary Angela Douglas

we are the ghosts of ourselves sometimes
haunting the precincts where God has told us
in fragmentary gleams
now no longer dwell oh child of light
haunting the ruins where love took flight
be still, the Lord has mazed the mellow moon
in yellow splendor rising above autumnal earth
and banished tombs
and we would seek the richer harvests of His Light
come away from the dimly lighted
staring into the glass and pray;
oh Lord for all that has passed over me like a whirlwind
I do yet praise thee
cancel my haunting here
and let me see the rose dawn rising
over the greening fields.
and feel in the rush of stars from the skies a beautiful shearing;
the russet hours return, when You are near.

mary angela douglas 1 october 2020

Comments about The Russet Hours Return

Lovely poetry. Words painting such vivid pictures

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