Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


for Simon

Our second son, the wanderer
has sent a postcard home that shows
the smiling people of Cambodia,
a Buddhist temple, a garden of magnolia.

On travels with his Mappa Mundi
he has stepped into this distant place
as far away as June's long days
are far from January. But he keeps in touch,

emails, texts - our second son, our Gulliver
who sends us words to describe his trek
through the killing fields on a tourist bus.
He calls it another world.

You'd never think there was a war on once,
he says - bombs and bullets, rockets, guns,
the house of love burning,
burning under the Asian sun.

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Comments (7)

Just as you promised, Herbert, this one looked lonnng indeed, but you cast such a spell with your wry wit, insight, and charm, I'm afraid I didn't notice. Guess I'll have to keep searching for one that really does seem lonnnnnng.... Best, Wayne
there is nothing wrong with poems tha have length herbert and this has quality as well as quanity and i know that your mind just keeps going when you write and there is nothing wrong with that either it is a very good poem as is the majority of your work as a poet you will come across people who dont like the epics but a good epic will always work and this poem is very good Warm regards allan
No two ways about it, a great poem! Creativity, Humor, social commentary! Thanks, Herbert! !
Herbert. You have written yet another 'poemologue'...LOL! I think you have invented your own genre. I like this very much! ATTENTION: check the line that begins...'althoug(h) , at times...' (spelling) AND isn't Tolstoy (TOLSTOY) and not Tolstoi? Recheck...okay! Other than those 'nitpicking' errors, I think it's great work! L
This was really fun to read. Some of your twists of language made me laugh out loud 'So on the road let's get this show.' My goodness. 'blubber rump? ' Really, Herbert! 'As quick as Forest Gump.' Well. And the scene in the White House was in such good humor...not a surly thing said (unusual) . You did well, Herbert. There are such stories in your head. Thanks. Raynette
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