'Tamla Motown'


I remember in the sixties
Tamla was just for me
Stevie, Diana and Smokey singing out to me
Leroy and the Four Tops
Reach out Ill be there
Temptations and the Miracles
Singles by the score
I could dance a bit then
Forty years so in the past,
Nowadays my dancing skills are growing very thin
Now Tamla is for all of us!
My Grandkids ask me how I know this,
I say Ive heard it all before,
Many years so in the past,
Really Grandad so they say, was you before your time,
If so, well so was Motown,
Those ageless songs of mine.

Dave Bennett

by David Bennett

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Wow...You certainly have a way with words...very nicely written. Hugs, Dee