The Sabbath Day

It is morning fresh first of it kind
A newly made day its called a Monday
Heaven was made by words from his mind
It is the second day a Tuesday
The light and darkness will never be friendly
Each for a time between the firmament
Where green field flourish of divers kind
According to their kind yielding ornament
Still work on the third day a Wednesday
Here the greater part rule
The day and the gentle shine at night
These are more than diamond and gold
With divers companion they were light
Open a fourth day a Thursday
Bringing abundant amazing creatures
They were creatures in the sea
Some terrible mingle with nice nature
Then proceed another a Friday
Of beast kind and wild
Meant to stay in the field
Now another day not as mild
With words the sixth a Saturday
Full of skills and sweat
For God did not only speak but act
It was a day man and woman were made
And breath in the image and likeness
It was the climax of toil
There was love rest the seventh day
A Sunday a Sabbath day

by George Egba

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I love the presentation but with a religious touch permit me to talk a little. It is in many view that Sunday is the first day of the week which I personally agree making the sabbath a Saturday. I also believe that this does not make Saturday the most holy day nor the only day to serve God. Everyday is holy and can actually be a sabbath day depending on the individual, how he makes it. On a commercial scale in my opinion, I'll prefer it without the day names, only the sequence of days will do for me. I love your works George. Keep it up
A lovely poem on week days and the creation
A lovely poem on week days and the creation