The Sacrifice

A small girl sittin with his brother whos biting half cloth pouch with million thghts running his mind abt his future...n his small sister who's crying as she fallin down by hunger…

N here comes runnnin her mom whos a labourer diggin all the roads in the red hot sun.....with all the pains she takes… she doesnt earns wat she deserves

N feeds her child without any anguish or pain or fall of desire.....n her child is then relieved.....the brother seeing his mom runnnin to feed his sister is happy as if he got a million monies.......n so m I! ! !

I would like to call this as sacrifice – sacrifice of a mother for her children..
A mother who’s already falling short of nutrition and shes feeding her own milky blood to her children…what can be more greater than this ….sacrifice….

by Rishikesh R Ranga

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