The Sad Bastards Club

A happy lot, us Sad Bastards.
We raise our glasses
Kick some asses
Laugh, tell rude jokes

by Francesca Johnson Click to read full poem

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I love this poem. (shhhh- think I might be an anonymous member of it myself?)
Hi Fran Speaking in my capacity as the Chairman, do you think you should be giving away our secrets? . Thoroughly enjoyed. Steve
Sounds like the words of a group of carefree, self-funded retirees messing about on a boat, perhaps? Such delightful irony in your title - and English through and through Your wit is most infectious Fran. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Can I be a sad bastard too? .......Oh sorry ! ! ! Scrub that......I am one already. Sid xxxx
Nothin' sad bowt that..sounds great! ! Lorraine top 10
Who on earth would call the happy band a lot of sad bastards...Not me Fran I've got my own sad bastard club and its growing.. Sid.
Don't know many 'SAD' bastards Fran...only poor bastards.. Sid x.
Helen's wrong I do know that you work for a living...also how hard you work and how much you put into your career.Sad Bastards are the ones who havenot given up on the finer things in life. Sid.
Nothing much to say about this one except that self defilement and reverse snobbery dont go down well together anyway it doesnt matter any more.Cheers! ! Here's to the Sad Bastards...Is that one or two of them? Sid x.
Sad but not a legitimate description.Depende on who perceives the situation.Nice write as always Fran.My how you've come on in your writing.Hope to see more of the good stuff. Sid x.
There are three kinds Fran, Lying bastards, Rotten lying bastards, and Smart bastards.The worst is the smart bastard as he manufactures the ammo for the other two. Sid x.
I love this, Fran. It reads like one of those that just tumbles out one day with no effort - so energetic. I wouldn't mind being a member of the Sad Bastards Club myself.
The juxtaposition in the opening line says it all - sounds like a fun club to me - no pretention, just real, happy people enjoying life...jx
This quirky poem gives full rein to the wonderful absurdity of our English language. Where else in the world would a group of people having a relaxing drink together be referred to as 'sad bastards'? Seriously Fran, I like the ease in this one and the comfortableness with language that is your hallmark. Phlegmatism personified. (is that a word?) love, Allie xxxx
Ha ha.... there's nothing sad about this one Fran! ! In fact, is SJG inferring that you don't work for a living! ! ? ? Tut Tut! ! You go ahead and throw another log on the fire, oh for a wonderful carefree life! Loved this.... as I do all your poems! ! HG: -) p.s. can you repost the 'fireworks' one in trubute of 5th November perchance? ? ? xx
Sounds like a great life to me Fran. I wouldn't mind being a Sad Bastard myself. Great write top marks love Bob
As a Cab driver i meet a lot of sad bastards AWSOME
The last thing you are. When do you write 'The Glorious Goddess' Club'? However, I loved this. The simple things in life......better to be happy in oneself and doing what might appear little than swanning around in a limo to hoighty-toighy restaurants etc, methinks. Only recognised that one lately! :) t x
Love this one with a passion. Can I be a member? Ian