SWJ (January 10 1939 / Bolder Colorado)

The Sad Buffoon

The sadness of a sad buffoon,
hidden behind a smile.
The lonliness of a king, surrounded
by high style.
The treachery of security held in
a sovereign vile,

That white powdered courage these
chemicals beguile,
Children of all ages, Play Russian Roulette,
Dancing with devils....In a continuous Pirouette.

Using that powdered enigma...downward
deeper in debt,
Don't be decieved by her pristine white attire.
her crystalline sparkling, which disguises her mire,

What started to be a game she will create
a endless desire.
Chasing her love. But only hell fire.
But It's very important to 'Note'
Not that some of her victims will sink wiht her boat.

A plea to one who is a sad buffoon,
If cocaine is your lover she'll destroy you soon
Uncouple your self from her. and get back in tune
So get togehter from whever you have been strewn

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