DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

The Sadness Of Sorrow

A great shadow lies over this man,
With great sadness his tears turn upwards to a leaden sky
A sweet smell of great sorrows flow from this man
With the pain his spine shivers as he dreams, of green fields and rivers
Praying for his day of release from the tortured soul

His blood is frozen and his soul has hidden from fright,
His knees tremble as he tries to walk it out, emotions retarded
He feels he’s chained to this world whilst the other departed
His mind is breaking and his beats a fight
With trembling hands his attempts thwarted

Suicide screams for a ride taken is the sun
Pills fly upwards and down his dry throat
One after the other his will has taken flight
Nigh time with no moons screams as he chokes
Tightening chest his heart slows to a solemn beat

He feels escape is on the horizon
So he writes a note to no one, as plumes of depression rise
He knows to rest his head will bring the end, he smiles as he
Has no need for waking in the morning, wrists vibrate asking for release
Silver saviour appears and with a swipe the veins are appeased

Time turns and river roll
Lifetime of agony and head full of splinters has taken its toll,
He lays down his dreary head with no dread of death
He close his eyes one last time his beating heart comes to a stop
And his soul begins to rise like the plumes of depression but he’ll reach peaceful heights

A nightmare over pain took its toll,
Lay him too rest with time and the rivers which roll
And peace be upon him freedom for his soul

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