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The Sadness Of Your Eyes....

today you set aside books
and notes, there is no frenzy
about those page turners,

Friday is flying time. Tomorrow
must be a diversion from all the
days of the boring week.

you choose. You really have to.
there is an island a boat shall
take you there. There is a floating
house. If you call, a woman shall
be there waiting.

You share a conversation above
the sea till nighttime. The moon

comes out from the breasts of
mountains. She will shed off what
is not necessary.

The night is all yours.You shed
off what you think binds you.

The sound of chains shall liberate
you. Fading cranks.Into buzzing life.

there is no much to learn inside this
boat. No one shall teach you what to
do. This is the instinct of beasts

inside you. A monster that eats everything
in her. And she submits knowing that

all these years you have been lonely
forgetting about dance and kiss.

Saturday is a memory. She disappears
at night. And in the morning the boat
takes you back home.

You must leave right away.
The boat cannot give you another chance.

The waves grow high and the island
disappears from the sadness of your


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