The Sadness

I've screwed up again, now i gotta let you go, i'm becoming lost in my

darkness within, and the hatred wants to show.

-I blew it

I know this is the end, you say you love me as a friend, my mind collides

with the floor and my tears descend, no ones around, no longer will i


-I feel like sh*t

My eyes stay swollen, my focus is stolen, becus thru my heart and you

put the hole in, thru this must be illusion i'm rollin.

-Screw it

My tears roll over, its blackend my soul, no f*****g luck, no 4 leaf clover

the depression oh sweet sadness take it all away like its something

you stole.

-Of happiness i've taken the last hit

Thru this life i'm now livin, and its gonna hurt like hell, pure pain im

given, on the past i need not dwell, never will my heart swell.

-On the ground i'll just sit

The sadness has moved in, its determined to stay, its gonna remain

within, and i think it wont leave, i need to just go away...

-Sadness is an illusion of fantasy-thats true and i admit, and now i get it

by Audrey O'shea

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Audrey- I get it too. -Greg