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The Sage (Verse Ii, Unrest In Galafay)

'As a matter of fact, please permit me to say',
Said Dominicus White looking round.
'A darkness is rising in mid-Galafay,
All the people have moved to high ground.

It's whispered the Demons have broken 'The Wall'
and flock in their scores out of Hell.
The sweet scents replaced by a foul-smelling gall,
Those who breathed it lay dead where they fell.

And that's not the worst', sighed Dominicus White,
'For it's rumoured the Dragon is free!
The hills to the south were a-smoke all the night
And great fire-balls viewed from the sea.

The few men that remained for to fight off this foe
Have never been seen in a week!
There's nowhere to hide and no safe place to go
Now the future of Galafay's bleak.'

The Sage stood in silence and stroked on his beard
Whilst Osedicus looked all around.
Dominicus White had confirmed what he feared,
As a deep distant thunder did sound.

'There's no time to waste I must get to the south,
Osedicus must fly to the east.
Go gather the Elven who dwell in Falouthe
And proclaim 'Tis the time of the Beast! '.

Tell them we'll meet at the edge of Till Wood
When the time of three moons has gone passed.
Dominicus White, you make haste to West Rud
And wait word that our army's amassed.

The Demons will flee to the west I am sure
Whilst they fear of the east and the north,
Where the power of The Wall and the 'Pittacal Door'
Will blind them that try to get forth.

And once they are blind, they would all run amoc,
I remember the last battle well,
When the vast files of Demons, the Devils own stock,
All went marching, in trance, back to Hell.

Fly then companions, with Gods speed you go
And the power of Great Merlin be yours.
In three moons shall the fate of our 'one' Tillanho
Be decided on its southern shores.'

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