Celebrate The Gift Of Life

With lots of love and hope in your hearts
Today you're both going to start
wonderful lives that is full of dreams
Where reality is reflecting joy's beam
I wish may life be good to you
Where sweetness and joyful hues
Colour your lives and fill in it
Gracious God's love in every bit
Where crisp morns and evening breeze
Greet your lives and then they freeze
So you can celebrate the gift of life
And joy filled days that here survive
And as you two step into this vale
The vale of life with promising tals
I hope you absorb colours of smiles
That'll help you to walk with jpy for miles
And let you enjoy ther glorious morns
And sweet scent of miraculous and faithful dawns
And fill life's path with bright spring's flower
And thank gracious God for His blessing's shower
Who has blessed you both with His love
That's His special gift of heaven above
That teaches you how to celebrate the gift of life
And be sincere and faithful husband and wife.

by Seema Chowdhury

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