The Same State

Poem By Victoria Lee

I'm in the same state I was in last year-
just in a different phase.

And I continuously watch the previewes
of oblivion that takes the world's one ticket admission
that no one is willing to pay. I'm drowing, suffercating, festering
in the slime of the contemporary, that evolved into
a over-grown puppy with sad puppy dog eyes
unknowing to its death, that is a few seconds trip to Hell

who's conductor is forced to drag me along with it.
Because even if I deny it I'm as helpless as
they are the people in of the contemporary norm.
The zombies that follows the vampires
just to do their biding. Beliving the myths
even more than them.


try to


But from me they will never get away
from the scope of my intellect.
Which constantly caculate the price of their
ha, and it all average up to $2.99.

Comments about The Same State

Good flow, nice rhyme - good to read - personal touch and very real - enjoyed reading it - nice job!

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