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The Same Story
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The Same Story

The same story day by day
Bringing milk from shop
And feeding the pigeons at rooftops
Twitching ears of lazy children
And taking the dog for a stroll

Mirror tells a few teeth left
Would be difficult to chew corn
Slurp down foam of tooth paste
Dry lips hurt as they get washed
Kisses are forgotten since years

The same story day by day
Biscuits and tea with news papers
With news of rapes and wars
Of minor girls stolen away to
Make pregnant and to be lynched

The same story day by day
Hours of life are reflected in
The same manner when you hold
A book in front of the mirror
Story going backward repeating itself

The same story day by day
TV needs a repairing
Washing machine is whining
Disturbing concentration of
The bookworm child in a corner
Motor cycle does not start
Reached office an hour late

The same story day by day

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