The Sandman Commeth

Poem By James Waters

The sandman cometh to set this country asleep
To bring and end to the baying of our dim witted sheep
The killer of hopes, of dreams and desire
The nightmare to set your soul on fire.

The Sandman has no shape, that can be seen
No color of skin, no eyes of green
He is Ideals, opinion, government control
He is political correctness, the seller of your soul

He comes as millions of voices speaking on the wind
As an evil society who has blindly sinned
A vile brute, full of disdain, selfish to his cause
Like a whirlwind he comes no time to pause

He is the destroyer of patriots, honor and truth
The voice of anger and confusion that muttle our youth
The eater of a country once strong, now used up and weak
The crusher of a people once proud, now down trodden and bleak

He is the village, and he’s come to destroy
To smash your self identity like a worthless toy
To turn you into a mindless robot unable to think for yourself
Your heart, your passion, put on a shelf

He is the new world order and he welcomes you
You the blind sheep who bellow without a clue
You who blindly vote your rights away
Welcome the Sandman for he’s here to stay

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